Thursday, December 5, 2013

Natural Disinfecting Hand Gel

Disinfecting Hand Gel for Caretakers and Kids
Makes: One 4 oz squeeze bottle of natural,
chemical-free disinfecting hand gel

4 oz organic aloe vera gel
4 drops Peppermint essential oil
8 drops Lavender essential oil
8 drops Orange essential oil

One 4 oz PET plastic squeeze bottle

Directions: Add oils to the aloe vera gel, shake
vigorously to combine.

Notes: Apply liberally to hands and rub until
the gel has evaporated. This can be stored in
the fridge and transferred into convenient 1 oz
squeeze bottles to keep in your purse or diaper
bag for hand sanitizing on the go. Store extra
gel in the fridge if you make a large amount
ahead of time.

Avoid purchasing aloe with extra ingredients.
A small amount of natural preservative is fine.

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