Monday, May 6, 2013

Green Cleaning


I have been on a green cleaning thing lately. I am moving away from harsh chemical cleaners to all natural ones.  I have tried a number of commercial green cleaning products and they do a fine job of cleaning but they are very expensive, so I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar for cleaning.

I am quite impressed with the cleaning power of the Apple Cider Vinegar. I have used it to clean the tub, I just sprayed full strength vinegar on the tub and used a scrub brush, it got the dirt right off and left the tub very shiny and smelling fresh. I also use it to clean my kitchen and bathrooms, they are sparkling clean when I am done. I tried it on my kitchen table with great results. I used it to mop my kitchen floor; WOW it got so much dirt off the floor. I sprayed the floor then used my steam mop, the two works really well together.  The best results I got were when I used the vinegar to clean my greasy stove, the vinegar cuts right through the grease!

I read that vinegar is a natural germ killer, the acid kills the germs, and the acid also cuts dirt and grease, that’s why it worked so well on my stove and floors. I use it full strength in a spray bottle. You can buy a gallon for a few dollars. It will last for a month or more depending on how much cleaning you do. 

So give it a try and let me know how you like it and what you used it on. Happy Cleaning!