Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter is well on it's way and with it comes colds and the flu.

When my son was is the sixth grade he caught the H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) then I caught it. My son had a fever of 105 degrees he said he wanted to die he felt so bad. I was pretty miserable myself. We were the first people in our county to get it! We were on quarantine for seven days. I was not prepared, I had no food in the house. Good thing I was on Facebook, I told my friends and one of them had brought food to the house within the hour. What life saver and a blessing my friend was!

For several years after the Swine Flu my son and I had a hard time fighting off the smallest cold and the flu kicked our behinds. Our immune system was very weakened. We just could not fight off the junk.

Then one of my sisters who sells Shaklee products told me about one of their products called NutriFeron. She said she swears by it. I thought hmmm another product making promises that won't live up to the promise. But I was so darn desperate to be healthy again, my son missed a lot of school and it was so difficult for him to get caught up. So I decided to place an order.

I have to say that this product does exactly what is says it will do! I can't imagine going without it during the winter with all the colds and flu flying around. My son and I rarely ever sick and if we do get sick it is not very bad and does not last very long. This product has strengthened our immune system! So if you are tired of getting sick I recommend trying this product.



  1. I think this could be of interest to anyone with a lowered immune system, whether is it due to having a bad bout of the flu (like what happened with you and your son) or due to other medications they take! Thanks for sharing this Veronica!