Friday, July 22, 2011

A Bar of Soap from Beginning to End

You know that nice bar of soap you have in your shower? Have you ever thought about how it is made and what it takes to make it?

When I make a batch of soap a lot of steps are required to make the finished product. First I need to decide what type of soap to make such as hemp seed oil, coco butter or even Shea butter, there are many choices. Next I have to figure out what fragrance the soap should be, and then the color needs to be chosen. After that, the shape of the soap needs to be considered. Finally I get to make the soap which also takes some time. Then the clean up needs to be done and the soap is prepared for wrapping.

When the soap is finished a label needs to be designed, the soap needs to be wrapped and then boxed and labeled. When that is finished I need to take a photo of the soap so it can be put on the website to be sold. A page for the website needs to be written, the essential oils and ingredients need to be researched so the proper information is on the web page. Then the last step, the page for the soap gets loaded onto the website.

It can take one to two days to complete a batch of soap from beginning to end. It is a lot of steps to make a really nice bar of soap, but I really enjoy making soap so every step is worth it. Be good to yourself and the planet use natural soaps.