Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going Green

We have been working hard to be green. We are now using boxes that are made from recycled paper. They look great and what's even better is they can be recycled. We pack our soaps in boxes to protect them during the shipping process and while they are on display at shows. We didn't want to add to the waste that is already in the landfills, so we were overjoyed when we found these boxes.
Our next step was to eliminate the plastic wrapping that the soap is wrapped in. For quite some time there were no alternatives. We found a biodegradeable shrink wrap! We were so happy to find this shrink wrap. The shrink wrap decomposes in a two step cycle, taking approximately 20-36 months for the process to complete. Wind, heat, moisture and UV light break it down, returning the film to the biocycle after naturally occurring micro organisims reduce it to a biomass. We found this fantastic product at Nationl Shrinkwrap. Another big plus is the film still lets the scent of the soap come through, it also makes the soap look wonderful. Now we don't have to worry about plastic wrap that is not biodegradeable. We will be putting this new shrink wrap system in place soon.
We also try to keep our electrical and water use down which helps to keep the cost of the soap low and save the planet at the same time. We also recycle everything we possibly can in our office and soap shop. We are working hard to be green.
Be good to yourself and the planet use natural soaps.

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