Saturday, July 23, 2016

We put the lime in the coconut and boy does it smell wonderful! This is our number one selling soap. There is something very pleasing about the lime and coconut combination. It makes you feel like you have been to a tropical island. You won’t want to get out of the shower with this soap

Friday, March 25, 2016


There has been a lot going on here at Cupertino Soap Co. I recently went back to school to finish my degree so I haven't been able to post much here. Hopefully you all will bear with me. I am still making and selling soap. There have been some changes in the product line, we discontinued some items that were just not selling very well. We also decreased our prices. Last year we had to increase our prices due the cost of supplies going up, but happily we were able to reduce the price this year! We hope you will continue to check in the see what is happening. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Mint is a perennial herb which is native to the Mediterranean, it grows wild in Europe and the United States. Mint is cooling and crisp, it can sooth itchy skin and help with eczema. Mint essential oil has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It’s vitalizing and refreshing it energizes the mind and body. Mint also helps clean pores. It has a powerful sweet crisp scent.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Adult Painting Parties

I am now doing Adult painting and craft parties on Friday and Saturday nights. I teach how to do a painting or do a craft and you bring wine and snacks. I supply the art supplies, you bring some friends and have a great time painting and doing crafts while you nibble and sip. 

The cost is $25.00 per person for a 2 hour class.
 Email me if you are interested 
It will be fun, I hope you will join me.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tick Repellent

It's that time of year to be outside. Hiking is a great way to be outdoors, but you need to protect yourself from the elements, use sunscreen and don't forget your tick repellent. Here is a simple but effective recipe to use to protect yourself. 

Repellent for your pets:
For pets, add 1 cup of water to a spray bottle, followed by 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. Ticks hate the smell and taste of vinegar, and will be easily be repelled by this ingredient alone. Then, add two spoonfuls of vegetable or almond oil, which both contain sulfur (another natural tick repellent).
To make a repellent that will also deter fleas, mix in a few spoonfuls of lemon juice, citrus oil, or peppermint oil, any of which will repel ticks and fleas while also creating a nicely scented repellent. Spray onto the pet's dry coat, staying away from sensitive areas including eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. When outdoors for an extended period, spray this solution on two to three times per day.

For you and your family:
In a spray bottle, mix 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and 1 cup of water. To make a scented solution so you do not smell like bitter vinegar all day, add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.
Eucalyptus oil is a calm, soothing scent that also works as a tick repellent, while peppermint and citrus oils give off a strong crisp scent that also repel ticks.
After mixing the solution, spray onto clothing, skin, and hair before going outdoors. Reapply every four hours to keep ticks at bay, and examine your skin and hair when back inside to make sure no ticks are on the body.